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Here, the only things other than luck that affect your chances of winning are posting a roster and roleplaying (RPing) and you can earn a roleplay bonus for every day of the Baptism of Fire.

This thread is for the posting of rosters and roleplays.

First off, the is, at its simplest, a list of the eleven players in your team's starting lineup and any reserves that are also on your team.If you don't indicate a style modifier, you will be automatically assigned a style modifier of 0.The RP permissions box is intended to inform your opponents of what you are willing to let them do and what you aren't willing to let them do, should they roleplay your match before you tournaments where there are multiple hosts (such as this one), it differs by host so be sure to check your host's cutoff time rather than their co-host's time.Finally, (RPs) are posts that tell a story, either the story of the entire match, part of the match, your team's preparation for the match or even something wholly unconnected with the match.

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