Witches of east end unburied online dating

In the beginning of season two, Wendy meets a paramedic named Tommy Cole and instantly form a liking to one another.

When her nephew appears, she is incredibly suspicious of his motives, which are further encouraged by mysterious murders that started around the time Frederick arrived.

Meanwhile, Ingrid confesses to Dash that she is a witch and he is a warlock after witnessing him kill a man and chooses to help him hide the secret.

When Boston was asked if there were any similarities between her and Ingrid, she said that there was because she relate to being out of her "comfort zone and in an unfamiliar land figuring it out step by step".In season two, Ingrid starts working as a curator for documentary preservation of witchcraft.She finds herself blacking out repeatedly and unable to remember that she has been visiting a creature known as the Mandragora.Her ex-husband and the father of her children, Victor (Joel Gretsch) returns to East End and they sleep together.In the season finale, she falls into Penelope Gardiner's trap.

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