What is validating data

For example, Listing 1 contains a simple repository named the Product Repository.

You will need to put your validating code in the Microsoft Access form's Before Update event. " Style = vb Critical vb OKOnly Title = "Required Data..." Msg Box msg, Style, Title ctl.In that case, where do you put your validation logic? For example, the product service layer in Listing 3 has a Create Product() method. Listing 4 - Controllers\Product Notice that the product service is created in the product controller constructor.One option is to place your validation logic in a . NET MVC application that mediates communication between a controller and repository layer. The Create Product() method calls the Validate Product() method to validate a new product before passing the product to the product repository. When the product service is created, the model state dictionary is passed to the service.The service layer is no longer dependent on model state.You can pass any class that implements the IValidation Dictionary interface to the service layer.

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