Updating bios bin updating the garmin gps

However, since we cannot always find the latest MEI-Only Installer, it is advised to use the "INF for manual installation" in case its version is newer. The SOL "driver" listed above is part of the complete Drivers & Software packages found at section A3.

MEI-Only Installer includes MEI v11.7.0.1057. The MEI-Only Installer includes the "INF for manual installation" and allows easy installation of the latter. If the software and system services are required in case of remote management etc, users of such systems should install the equivalent complete Drivers & Software package (section A3).

For those who want to install the actual driver files manually via Device Manager, download the INF packages.

The MEI drivers listed above are part of the complete Drivers & Software packages found at section A3.

The Type of each (CS)ME firmware Region can be either Stock (RGN, clean/stock/unconfigured images provided by Intel to OEMs) or Extracted (EXTR, dirty/extracted/configured images from various SPI/BIOS).

That means that the use of any general purpose firmware flasher software (Intel Flash Programming Tool, AMI AFU, Flashrom etc) or hardware (programmer), which directly reads/writes the Engine region of the SPI/BIOS chip, requires prior configuration of the (CS)ME firmware from RGN to EXTR.

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