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Goa was one of the major trade centres in India, thus it had always been attracting the influential dynasties, seafarers, merchants, traders, monks and missionaries since its earliest known history.Throughout its history Goa has undergone continual transformation, leaving an indelible impression on various aspects of its cultural and socio-economic development.Nandkumar Kamat has ruled out the possibility of Kushavati shamans belonging to the first wave of humans to arrive in Goa. Most probably they were the earliest Mediterraneans who had descended the Western Ghats, probably in their search for sea salt on Goa’s coast.

Please provide citations that meet Wikipedia's reliable sources standards settled ten sages in this land and performed fire sacrifices. By Gajananshastri Gaitonde) Until 1993 the existence of humans in Goa during the Paleolithic and Mesolithic period was highly debated. Evidence of Palaeolithic cave existence can be seen at Dabolim, Adkon, Shigaon, Fatorpa, Arli, Maulinguinim, Diwar, Sanguem, Pilerne, Aquem-Margaon et cetera.The studies have shown that the Kushavati culture was a hunter-gatherer culture with deep knowledge of local natural resources and processes - water, fish, plants, game, animal breeding cycles, seasons and natural calamities.The Kushavati culture was greatly concerned with water security, so they set up camps near the streams.The entire realm of shamanism underwent a radical transition.Today evidence of the metamorphosis in masked dance drama Perni jagor can be seen in the same cultural region.

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The evidence provided by the conch shells at Surla village, fossilized marine conch shells discovered in 1863, petrified roots, fossilized branches have been found later in many villages on the foothills of the Sahyadri dating back more than 10,000 BC.

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