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Roll up your sleeves and turn it into the coolest wallet around.

This project requires you to take apart the phone and remove all the gadgetry inside. Sites like i Fixit will show you how to disassemble anything.

For an Android-only setup, nothing is as easy as Perch.

Download the app, place your phone where you want it, and you can watch all the action on another phone or computer. You can set up multiple phones this way, and it has a web view option to check the feeds on a computer.

Someone turned a broken i Pod Touch into a wallet, while an old shell phone makes a good modern piggy bank for kids. First, you use apps on popular mobile platforms, if your old phones are smartphones.

Instead of spending good money to buy a bunch of security cameras, why not just use old smartphones? Second, you set things up manually so that the operating system doesn’t matter.

Hopefully, your old phone is an Android with an expandable memory card slot, or with plenty of internal memory.

If so, turn that into a portable gaming device for your kids (or yourself).

The total cost of the parts, apart from the old phone, is less than .This will let it connect to TVs, air conditioners, and other devices that normally use a remote control. Get an app like SURE (Free) or Smart IR Remote (), connect it to all your devices, and start using it.If the phone doesn’t have an IR blaster, well, you’ll need to get IR connectivity somehow. Or you can buy the Logitech Harmony Hub for around 0.The web’s beloved DIY enthusiast, Tinkernut, has a guide to turn that phone into a modern smartwatch!It’s a difficult one, so we wouldn’t suggest this for newbies in the DIY world.

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Depending on what phone you have, you can now get creative with how you want to use it as a wallet.

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