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Image Mixer Color spectrum is default image, saturation/intensity control is below.

Preloaded images are available or upload your own image.

Quizás no me deje cambiarlos con Adsense por el plugin, solo me lo permitió la primera vez que lo ejecuté.

En cuanto a los anuncios móviles mi idea sería fijar uno en el pie de pantalla para que se vea siempre (como tienen las apps).

The male undergrads who rated the photo bordered in red, found the woman more attractive, were more interested in asking her on a date, and willing to spend more money during the date.

The researchers were also careful to show that the effect was specifically tied to sexual interest.

The top set of boxes are to enter the formulas, bottom section shows the formulas for generated mixture.

Tap to choose the color, color name appear when you roll over or select the color.

But while the playing field is more level than it used to be, it still involves mastering unspoken rules that give some people advantages over others.

According to Christian Rudder of Ok Trends, Ok Cupid’s now defunct research site, 32 percent of all first-time messages attract a reply.

All of the undergrads saw the same woman wearing the same clothes—but the experimenters randomly changed the color of the thick border that framed the photo, alternating among white, red, blue, and green.

Psychologists know some things about color: Blue is the most popular color in the world, black is associated with elegance, wealth, power, and strength, green soothes and calms, and red is the color of love and romance.

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Nicolas Gueguen, a psychologist at the University of Southern Brittany in north-western France, wasn’t satisfied with lab studies alone, so he moved his investigation to the field, to see if these lab results also applied in the real world.* Gueguen hired five brunettes between the ages of 19 and 22 to pose as hitchhikers.

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