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I've recently spoken with Rapid7 and their development team is currently looking into detecting unsupported versions of MSXML with Nexpose.Qualys detects older versions of MSXML as vulnerable.

I know it's touch and go between releasing this type of post and those with malicious intent using it for their purposes.I'll preface this next section by stating that my use of Metasploit is very limited.In a recent Metasploit survey I responded that my primary use is . I've helped get Nessus and Secunia's suite of products updated to detect MSXML 4.0 SP2 as vulnerable software.This naturally leads to a discussion around responsible disclosure.Recently @weldpond referred to the some of the old L0pht advisories and proof of concepts that they needed before Microsoft would respond. It's certainly not a zero-day vulnerability as Microsoft have already publicly advised of the need to upgrade to MSXML 4.0 SP3 (albeit not in the same way that everyone is used to, i.e.

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