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The cold weather gear incorporates a chocolate brown all weather jacket.Leather duty gear consists of black high gloss clarino holsters, belts and accessories.You cannot appeal your civil commitment on the basis of double jeopardy, or being punished twice.The Illinois State Police is also responsible for driving and physically protecting the Governor of Illinois.Offenders with mental or personality disorders can be sentenced to civil commitment.The court decides if a person has a mental or personality disorder that makes a person eligible for civil commitment.

Lightbars used on marked units are Code 3 X2100 LED units, Federal Signal Legend units and Code 3 MX7000 halogen/strobe units.

Instead of a chocolate brown uniform (similar to the Iowa State Patrol), or a light blue on dark blue (similar to the Missouri State Highway Patrol), they wear light tan/khaki shirts, and dark green pants with black trim.

Dress uniforms include a jacket that matches the pants.

(The badge's sequential inventory number is found stamped on the reverse side of the badge.) The badges are silver, or chrome plated steel for all ranks below Sergeant, and for Sergeant and above, the star is gold plated.

The Illinois State Police have six aircraft used for law enforcement throughout the state, one Cessna 421C and five Cessna 182.

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