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They meet a friendly hunter and stay with him and his wife at their well-kept trailer home.When someone knocks at the door, Harold and Kumar hide in the basement and discover the couple's inbred cycloptic son.Harold and Kumar crash their car in Birmingham, Alabama.

They meet with their college friend, Raza, who loans them a car so they can travel to Texas to get help from Colton, whose family has political connections.Fox tries to shoot them, but falls to his death, and they crash through the roof of President George W. Bush brings them to his recreation room, and they bond by smoking weed.Bush promises to pardon Harold and Kumar and to help them with whatever they need.During the flight, a woman suspects Kumar is a terrorist after mistaking his bong for a bomb.Sky marshals detain them and the plane diverts to Washington D. Ron Fox, an obsessive and racist Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, sends them to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, thinking they are agents of a joint Al-Qaeda and North Korean conspiracy, against the advice of NSA Vice-Chairman John Beecher.

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