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From this point on, up to the summer of 1996, the group continued to write and record tracks for their debut album while extensively touring the west coast of the United States, where they had signed a publishing deal with Windswept Pacific.

On 8 July 1996, the Spice Girls released their debut single "Wannabe" in the United Kingdom.

In addition, she gives her voice to Muhimu in the UK version of Disney Junior’s television series The Lion Guard.

Emma Lee Bunton was born in Finchley, north London.

During the summer of that year the group toured record labels in London and Los Angeles with Fuller and finally signed a deal with Virgin Records in September 1995.

Emma Bunton, an English singer, songwriter, actress, TV presenter, and fashion designer, is currently married to Jade Jones, an English singer, since 2011.

She was born to mother Pauline, a karate instructor and father Trevor Bunton, a milkman.

They persuaded Bob Herbert to set up a showcase performance for the group in front of industry writers, producers and A&R men in December 1994 at the Nomis Studios in Shepherd's Bush where they received an "overwhelmingly positive" reaction.

Due to the large interest in the group, the Herberts quickly set about creating a binding contract for the group.

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