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I would get picked up anywhere between five to seven in the morning, and the trainer they sent me would come an hour before then and have me work out for forty-five minutes.Then I would go to set and go to hair, makeup, and wardrobe and all that stuff.You have done a lot of projects with Bryan Fuller, and his work tends toward the macabre or dark.Do you prefer that sort of thing, where there is a little weirdness or creepiness to it? I do prefer the more dark and emotional roles; my very first role was in a Steven King movie where I played an incest victim!I have always loved to cook, so molecular gastronomy was more like a sub-version, or sub-species of that.Still cooking, just a different type, and I found it interesting because I have always found science and chemistry interesting.I felt kind of like I had lost myself, and wasn’t a teenager, I was more of a mini-woman.

So, when I saw that she was opening an e Bay store, I was intrigued to see that it featured high-end coffee beans. She responded, describing how the quality is hugely improved by ensuring that the beans are “single origin” and why it makes that level of difference. I sent her another message letting her know that she was certainly the best actress from whom I had ever tried to purchase coffee.Because that is what most of my roles have been, kind of dark and heavy with deep issues.I would say that it is weird that sometimes folks discount some genres of writing if it is too dark or macabre or in that type of genre.The license that people take amazed me, and it makes me think that they don’t realize this is an actual person they are writing about, instead of a character, like you were saying before.Well, I did hear something from someone who was involved in the Star Trek franchise that what they would do to balance that kind of thing out is to go to a convention.

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It was an outpouring of utter love and adoration from fans, which is amazing that people would take time out of their day just to come and say hi to me or shake my hand or stand with me for a picture. You do have some eclectic things in your background, like racing school, molecular gastronomy, and now a very in-depth knowledge of and interest in coffee.

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