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United States is fifth in the world in terms of murders per year (16,204) and that Mexico is sixth with 13,144?

In 2010, New York City saw 532 murders and 1,377 rapes? Buffalo is a day and 8 hours or 1,962 miles away from Ciudad Juarez?

"They were seeing each other a bit during the filming of their movie together and ever since he went to rehab they got a lot closer. He's really good to her." Zac is reportedly dating his Neighbors co-star Halston Sagestar Chord Overstreet The handsome star managed to steal the show when Rita Ora unbuttoned his short to reveal his ripped torso as he arrived on stage to collect the award for Best Shirtless Performance. Just last month, he was attacked in the Skid Row area of LA after he and his bodyguard became embroiled in a fight with local residents while waiting for a two truck.

Because houses are small with very little or no patio at all, Oaxacans, like in many other countries, conduct most of their social life outside, in plazas or squares: children playing, couples dating, neighbors visiting and catching up with the news, even Girls Scouts meetings and aerobic classes take place outdoors. government ( has put Mexico in their list of countries with travel warnings.

"It was the hardest I've ever been hit in my life," Zac later told film, he fell in with the wrong crowd.

Later in September, Zac broke his silence for the first time since news of his attempt to get help became public knowledge.

and located at 37.7697° latitude, -122.3933° longitude (see map above).

On Sunday, he took our top celeb crush spot when he went sans shirt on stage at the MTV Movie Awards and today we learn he's off the market. "They were seeing each other a bit during filming of their movie together and ever since he went to rehab they got a lot closer," a source says. He's really good for her." Zac and Halston cheered on the Lakers together earlier this month, and while we're disappointed Zefron's off the market, they could be a good couple.

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