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Filipino dating culture strongly revolves around the cell phone-calling and texting the one you are interested in multiple times a day is a must.Early in the courtship, good morning messages and the like are sent throughout the day.There are so many wonderful cultures in the world when it comes to dating but personally, this pamalae is one of a kind.There is no dowry involved, no scary ritual- it’s the epitome of what true family relationships ought to be like.

Meet not only her/his atomic family, but also their distant relatives as well as grandparents, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc. Be Polite Most of Philippines women are shy and conservative. When you go on a date, prepare some fresh jokes to entertain your partner.

Like any other courtship, everything starts with meeting someone right?

In the Philippines, the normal case is a ‘friend of a friend’ or colleagues at work or at school, a neighbour- someone they see on a regular basis.

This is also the chance anyone who has something ‘against’ their decision to get married has to speak up and try to ‘convince’ the couple to postpone the wedding.

(Talk about being on the hot seat) Food and drinks are also part of the solemn event and family and friends spend this last meal with their loved ones who are about to enter a different stage in life.

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Old Filipinos customs said that it’s not so good dating someone who is liberated. The follow up date is as important as the first one.

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