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In reality - it's a godsend to all the shy gals who aren't into the night life scene.Or the career gals who just don't have the wherewithal to invest more hours into finding Mr. I guess the site just cuts through all those awkward first dates where you are just trying to find a common ground.For me personally I relize to find quality I have to produce quantity.As in if I ask 10 girls out only 1 is going to say yes.I can literally be in any environment, whether it be public or private and get people laughing with my balls to the walls shenanigans. You have to have other qualities that make a woman desire you..giggleparts - Late last night I found the meaning of life... Just another venue for meeting people tho it does get boring at times. Its a good way to get to know people in the comfort of my own home before attemping to meet them in person.So, either I am hideously deformed (man boobies) or I've got the personality of a dry lumpy dump... Read, From a fellow man's POV, I'm glad that you've figured this whole on-line befriending and dating thing out for me.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Write some dribble that might impress someone but, doesn't even come close to partially explaining who you are.I never actually asked someone how one of these dating sites worked. Then you ask someone who seems intresting some random thing....

But deep down I want the sappy guy, I just want to ease into it. I'm all for saving the horse and riding the cowboy Listen....

However, if I use this stupid (I personally find it offensive) pick up line I get a 90% return response.

I get why all these poor, desperate, and lonely women are on here.

I changed my profile after have a sincere profile up, all of sudden I get much better responses.

Although I get the cuteness and intent of your line, I don't think I would like it (how is a poor, desperate and lonely girl that's actually CUTE... ) as it implies that online sites attract only the homely gals.

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women want first and foremost a physical chemistry. in most instances it either never will, or you will have to somehow build it up over time, if the opportunities exist to do thus (and they don't always). we all do, but you have to show some leg to get in the door (usually).

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