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But he realized it would actually be a great real-life app, discovered there were some studies that backed up his intuition and now he’s probably going to be a bazillionaire.

They’ve been testing the app since December in New York and had a very positive response.

Cassie then started dating someone called Aiden, who Ric became extremely jealous off and this caused trouble at school.

However when Cassie discovered that Aiden had attacked Ric, she dumped Aiden who was never heard of again and Cassie got back with Ric at some point later.

Alas, she didn’t win and the day went from bad to worse when Joy collapsed after the event whilst arguing with Colleen.

There was some sexual tension between Ric and Cassie and it was inevitable that they would get together.

We all have a long list of the annoying things we hate, and now — finally! Hater is a brand new dating app that matches you with others who can’t stand the very same things you can’t stand.

It’s a delightful concept that lets you drop that idealized, perky version of yourself you’ve been putting in all your profiles and lets you show off your inner crank instead.

Cassie started having flashbacks to when she was younger when her uncle had been abusing her.

She wasn’t going to say anything until she worked out the her uncle had moved onto Cassie’s neice and she then reported him to the police.

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