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The nerve racking interview finally came a year later but after Rapidvisa's help with preparation for the interview and some of my own research we were able to pass!!

The look on my fiance's face when the officer gave us the green light was priceless!!

This is a far cry from what we are used to: abstinence education in schools muddled with pornography as sexual education because most parents are too chickenshit to talk to their own children about sex in a realistic way.

In America, some host “purity balls” (state-funded dances where daughters pledge their virginity to their fathers until marriage) while the Kreung are teaching their teenagers that sex is a natural, beautiful part of love and romance.

I would like to say thank you to Rapid Visa for if not for them my fiance and i would have had difficulty in documentation as this is a very important facot for the process to go smoothly.

All the young girls asserted their sexual power and independence, as well as their parents’ approval and trust in their decision-making, and claimed that the love huts give them a chance to figure out which man they want to marry. “Who knows what a girl does when she goes to another village anyway.” The tradition is oddly advanced and trusts teenage women to make their own decisions about their sexual health and romantic lives.

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Deep in the Ratanakiri region there is a tribe called Kreung.

) Not to mention that exposure to mobile phones and television (which were a budding problem in ’s 2011 article on the tradition) are much more prevalent.

Think about how much lost in translation between young village boys and the pornography they can now access on a mobile phone.

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