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He added: “Our priority is to ensure our neighbourhoods are safe places to live and we will always support anyone who comes forward to report this kind of behaviour.“Our customers should never feel helpless when faced with anti-social behaviour and can be reassured that River Clyde Homes will always act in the interests of our valued customers.” Any River Clyde Homes tenant wishing to report incidents of anti-social behaviour can do so in confidence, at any time of the day or night, by dialling 08.Politicians of Cameron's sangfroid rarely squirm - but the question makes him visibly uneasy. "I was at my desk on Tuesday morning and look, I don't think I could have hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I don't think I could have got back much faster. I spent a lot of the time on the telephone on euro-zone issues, and the economy then everything turned and changed.But look - it was important as soon as what was happening on Monday was apparent, to get back quickly and that's what I did." It was clear, he agrees, that "the captain of the ship had to be on the deck", and, since his return from his Tuscan holiday, he has been working round the clock – including a marathon 165 minute performance in the emergency Commons debate on Thursday.They all know from their own experience that if you leave the broken window, the shop gets looted again.

River Clyde Homes says it threw Dylan Elliot out of his tenancy in Greenock’s east end on Monday following a catalogue of anti-social conduct.He repeatedly makes his point by punching his palm, or bringing his hand down hard on the table.It is overwhelmingly clear that he sees this as a fork in the road rather than as a spot of midsummer madness that will fade quickly in the memory.Already, he has taken wide soundings, not least from Blairite veterans like the former Communities Secretary, Hazel Blears, who is to accompany him on his tour of Salford after the interview.Tomorrow, in a speech in Witney (his constituency since 2001), the PM will explore some of the conclusions he has drawn thus far, and attempt to restore a measure of optimism to the debate.

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On this basis, zero tolerance of petty offences can send a powerful social signal about much more serious crimes.

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