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As NASA workers struggle to launch a mission to bring him back home, Watney improvises one ingenious scheme after another to stay alive.

◊ Be sure birds can see your window glass, not a reflection of the sky.Incidentally, it’s not really science that Watney uses to survive—it’s engineering.But whatever you call it, the result is a wonderfully entertaining and reasonably accurate portrayal of how to live off the land—even when that land is on a freeze-dried alien planet.He repairs spacesuit breaches and blown-out airlocks with duct tape.He even jury-rigs his own long-haul vehicle powered by solar batteries and warmed with radioactive plutonium, then treks to the landing site of NASA’s real-life Pathfinder rover to reactivate its radio and reestablish communications with Earth.

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Finally, she lines the cup with fine grasses, soft dead leaves, and fine moss, and drapes pieces of green moss over the rim and outside of the nest.” Two to six, blue, specked eggs are laid and incubated by mom but the hatchlings are tended by both (monogamous) parents; they fledge in about two weeks. Window strikes are also responsible for many deaths. ◊ During fall and winter, don’t rake away the leaves, twigs, bark, and other dead wood that have fallen from trees onto the soil.

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  1. The AARP partnership with How About We is part of the broader evolution under way among dating websites to focus more on the elusive ingredient that the online environment has never been able to provide: a reality check.