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By Mary Buckheit Page 2AUSTIN, Texas -- When you get out into the vast space between the major cities of Texas, the sense of sun-charred nothingness overwhelms you.

"It's not that I am completely unfamiliar with big-time high school football.

He doesn't realize that Julie is planning to devote her life to Habitat for Humanity or that she's newly distraught about Matt. It begins to crumble as Becky's mom, embarrassed that Tim turned her down, assumes he's screwing Becky and expels him from the Eden of his trailer. (How did you two ladies like the detail that Tim and Becky were watching about you. …" With Matt's recent absence in Chicago, I have realized how fundamental Matt and Julie have been to the magic of this show. Coach are an idealized marriage, Matt and Julie have been an idealized teen romance.

And on the night of Tami's most desperate need, he doesn't bother to come home but stays out for another drink with Buddy Garrity. Their relationship—the mixtapes, the deflowering, his efforts to win the respect of Coach and Mrs.

Out here, burdensome labor may find fruition only as often as oil sputters from exhausted derricks, but once a week towering lights illuminate the landscape four quarters at a time.

On a Thursday evening, I was returning to the city after a drive out west when I spotted my first set of lights shining tall above House Park in Austin.

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I made the voyage to attend a taping of NBC's new series "Friday Night Lights" and check out the show's set in Austin, but I made sure to leave myself enough time to also catch some real Texas high school football and log a couple hundred miles on my rental car to grasp the lay of the land.

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